Business Consulting

Are you self-employed or looking to be? Are you thinking of setting up a GmbH, UG or another company form, or an online shop? With us, you will receive the advice and support that you need: at the very beginning or for your existing business. We offer you our experience and expertise in the development of your business plan, business immigration, [funding procurement], financing, marketing and sales. Use our many years of experience in consulting small and medium-sized enterprises. Call us at (0)30 325 13 014 or email to We look forward to hearing from you!

Sample services:

  • Business registration
  • Business plan development and optimisation
  • Business Immigration
  • Choice of incorporation form
  • Articles of associations (association's charter)
  • Various contracts related corporate law (e.g. agreements between a corporation and its director (CEO), agreements, the purchase and sale of shares in the company etc.)
  • Entire financial documentation (bookkeeping, balance sheets, VAT, input tax etc.)
  • Corporate by-laws
  • Website law-design
  • Online stores, eBay shops
  • Written warning (Abmahnung)
  • Cease-and-desist declarations (Unterlassungserklärung)
  • Terms and Conditions (AGB)
  • Employment contract
  • Tax declaration
  • Corporate tax returns
  • Liquidation and succession planning