Tatjana Nagorski

I am only satisfied with the best in advising you.

As an accredited Berlin-based lawyer, I am focusing on internet law, corporate law, competition law, and copyright law.

As a fully accredited Berlin lawyer I focus on the areas of start-up consultancy and internet law. After completing my studies of German Linguistics at Minsk State Linguistics University in Belarus, I studied law at Humboldt University of Berlin with specialisation in economic and taxation law. While studying in university and also during my two year legal internship, I worked for a number of years as a research associate in various law firms that focus on commercial and internet law.


  • Start-up counselling
  • Tax law
  • Competition law
  • Copyright law
  • eBay law
  • Photo rights
  • Trademarks
  • Business immigration
  • Right of residence
  • Double citizenship
  • Online shops
  • Terms and Conditions (AGB)
  • Written warnings (Abmahnung)
  • Cease-and-desist declarations (Unterlassungserklärung)
  • Injunctions
  • Social Insurance law
  • European Blue Card immigration
  • Civil law
  • Contracts law
  • Damages law


  • German
  • Russian
  • Belarus
  • English
  • Dutch